GitLab, .NET Core, Kubernetes, and Pulumi

This article is a part of the GitLab for .NET developer series. We actively use the modified GitLab AutoDevOps pipeline that supports .NET applications better than the original one. I described our approach in the previous article. GitLab AutoDevOps feature uses Helm and therefore I had to create my own Helm chart with some amendments. However, the cart is still very rigid. Rigidity the common issue with Helm charts and trying to develop a chart to cover a lot of different deviations from the default is a road to hell. [Read More]

Deploying .NET Core apps to Kubernetes with GitLab

This article is a part of the GitLab for .NET developers series. GitLab is the awesome tool that I used in different organisations for years. It is, however, often overlooked in the .NET space. One of the reasons for this is that GtLab was always oriented to more dynamic stacks and .NET used to be quite rigid and enterprise-oriented space. When it comes to continuous delivery, I believe that GitLab is one of the best, if not the best integrated tool on the market today. [Read More]

Deploy GitLab CE on a new AKS cluster

Update: GitLab currently has a choice of cloud-native Helm charts, which might be more actual than using this recipe. Check this page to find out more. I would like to share my experience to create a small Kubernetes cluster on Azure Container Service (AKS Preview) and deploy GitLab CE there using the Helm chart. Creating a cluster in AKS should be an easy task but sometimes things don’t go at they suppose to. [Read More]