Say hello to Eventuous 👋

Honestly, I like heated debates on Twitter; I really do. Due to the nature of my work as a Developer Advocate at Event Store, I engage in many discussions about Event Sourcing. I hear a lot that the idea is great, but using it in real life is way too hard. As I am involved in building production systems, which are event-sourced from the start, I tend to disagree with this statement. [Read More]

Reporting models and Event Sourcing

As a listened more of the Ask me anything with Udi Dahan session organised by Virtual DDD, more points, which Udi was making, especially about Event Sourcing, made my fingers itch to wrote some more. When talking about the natural progression in system evolution once it’s in production, Udi gave an example of adding columns in the read-model as a consequence of more properties to some domain objects. That particular example was about the search feature. [Read More]

Event-driven startup

During the last year, I’ve done quite a few webinars, talks and workshops about Event Sourcing. A lot of time the audience answered a question: when I should not use this pattern. In broader terms, the question appeared during the Ask me anything with Udi Dahan session organised by Virtual DDD. The question was: what are the circumstances, where things like Event-Driven Architecture (EDA), Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), CQRS, et al., aren’t applicable. [Read More]