The DDD book

Hands-on Domain-Driven Design with .NET Core

My last book is called Hands-on Domain-Driven Design with .NET Core. The book consists of four main parts:

  • Introduction to Domain-Driven Design
  • Modelling techniques
  • Implementing the model in code
  • Boundaries that matter

The book is very oponionated towards Event Sourcing and, therefore, most of the code uses events. The book has a lot of code, including some basics and going over to the very beginning of practical Event Sourcing towards subscriptions, projections and so on.

You can get the book on Amazon or via Packt’s own webshop, where you often can get a bargain for the eBook.

Current status: the final chapter is still being written and will be only published online. Check the end of your copy for the link to that chapter. It currently returns 404, but it will be working fine later in June 2019. Check my post for more details.

Book cover