About me

Why you'd want to hang out with me

My name is Alexey and I design systems and write code for a living. I also and show other people how to design systems and write code in a good way. My specialisations include: .NET Core (just waiting anbother year to change it to .NET) Domain-Driven Design Event Sourcing Software architecture Distributed systems Message-driven systems I run a company called Ubiquitous, on the company website you can find out what we can help you with. [Read More]

My talks

Talks given at conferences

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You can find my talks on Sessionize if you want me to speak at your event.

  • WROC# 2019 (Wroclaw) - DDD, Event Sourcing and Actors
  • BuildStuff (Vilnius) - Simplicity vs Simplification
  • BuildStuff (Vilnius) - Hands-on Event Sourcing (workshop)
  • ProgNet 2018 (London) - Hands-on Event Sourcing (workshop)
  • DDD eXchange 2018 (London) - Simplicity vs Simplification
  • DDD Europe 2018 (Amsterdam) - Simplicity vs Simplification
  • DDD Europe 2018 (Amsterdam) - Hands-on Event Sourcing (workshop)
  • DDD Europe 2018 (Amsterdam) - Introduction to EventStorming (workshop)
  • KanDDDinsky 2017 (Berlin) - This is not DDD you looking for
  • ProgNet 2017 (London) - Asynchronous messaging with MassTransit

The DDD book

Hands-on Domain-Driven Design with .NET Core

My last book is called Hands-on Domain-Driven Design with .NET Core. The book consists of four main parts: Introduction to Domain-Driven Design Modelling techniques Implementing the model in code Boundaries that matter The book is very oponionated towards Event Sourcing and, therefore, most of the code uses events. The book has a lot of code, including some basics and going over to the very beginning of practical Event Sourcing towards subscriptions, projections and so on. [Read More]