CWPNL0096E error when upgrading Sametime client to 8.5.2

1 minute read

Today I experienced difficulties when upgrading IBM Sametime Standalone Client 8.5.1 to 8.5.2. After all files are copies and before provisioning process starts I got a message saying that rpclauncher failed to load. The log file discloses the following messages:

<blockquote><blockquote>CWPNL0030I: rcplauncher wmain arguments=”C:/Program Files/IBM/Lotus/Sametime Connect/rcp/rcplauncher.exe, -rcpLauncherWait, -nl, en, -provManifest, -noSplash, -product, NULL, -provisioningOperation, install, -vmargs, -Drcp.system.admin=true, -DprovUpdateSiteListOverride=file:/C%3A/Downloads/CZYF7ML/SametimeStandardClient/sametimeclient.standalone/Windows/sametime-connect/updateSite, -DshortCircuitNormalize=true, </blockquote><blockquote>CWPNL0303I: lock file captured @ 20110719_140344_737</blockquote><blockquote>CWPNL0090E: Existing platform lock file found - checking validity.</blockquote><blockquote>CWPNL0304I: We are main process</blockquote><blockquote>CWPNL0021I: VM specified is “C:/Program Files/IBM/Lotus/Sametime Connect/rcp/eclipse/plugins/” </blockquote></blockquote><blockquote><blockquote>CWPNL0077I: loading at “C:/Program Files/IBM/Lotus/Sametime Connect/rcp/deploy/”</blockquote></blockquote><blockquote><blockquote>CWPNL0096E: Unable to load C:/Program Files/IBM/Lotus/Sametime Connect/rcp/deploy/ file!</blockquote></blockquote>Installation stopped and I was unable to use the Sametime client any more.

I then checked the installation directory to find some remaining of the old client. I decided to try removing the folder from Program Files and it didn’t work. I found out that at least one file is locked in the local JVM of Sametime although the client wasn’t running at that time. So I rebooted my PC, removed the old client files manually (it doesn’t appear as installed in Control Panel) and restarted the installation of 8.5.2 client. This time it worked fine.

One issue that I got with the 8.5.2 client that I can’t connect to the IBM Sametime server for externals, it gives an error that my client is not authorized. However the Bleeding Yellow community works just fine. Being unable to contact is a pity, may be I need to wait for them to upgrade their Sametime servers to 8.5.2?