Upcoming DDD Exchange 2018

A few years ago I attended the famous Greg Young’s course (actually, both of them) at SkillsMatter and Greg asked me at the end if I am staying for DDD Exchange. I never heard of the conference before that day and decided that one day I would definitely go. These were those good old days when SkillsMatter was not so large yet and CodaNode was not a thing of reality, but only of Wendy’s dream and imagination… [Read More]


For quite a few years, with growing popularity of Domain-Driven Design (DDD), I keep hearing that: DDD is hard DDD is only for core domain This mantra has become very popular and often is (mis)used to advocate some crazy things people do to avoid crunching the domain knowledge. In this post, I would like to return to the roots. In nearly every talk or lecture that somehow concerns DDD, Greg Young mentions that, in his opinion, the chapter order of the Blue Book is incorrect. [Read More]

Demo MassTransit Scheduling with Quartz

MassTransit is able to scheduled messages using a separate service that uses Quartz.Net and your transport provider. This functionality is briefly described in the documentation but I felt there is a need to create a working demo. So, it is now available on GitHub. You need to run the MassTransit.QuartzService in a separate process. For demo purposes you can use RAM storage in Quartz. Do do this, remove or comment out all ADO JobStorage configuration lines from the app. [Read More]